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Cairo Travel Guide

All you need to know about landmarks and sightseeing.

Cairo is often called “the city of a thousand minarets”, this splendid spa town has long won the hearts of travelers. The mysterious pyramids of Giza, beautiful mosques, and fabulously beautiful palaces – all of this makes Cairo a magical city that never ceases to surprise guests with puzzles.

There are over a hundred pyramids on the city’s territory, each of which is full of its secrets and legends. The most unique human work is still the Great Pyramid, the height of which is 147 m. Many strange hypotheses and conjectures are connected with this unique structure, the determination of the pyramids is still the main secret.

Archaeologists are still working on the territory of Giza today, each day discovering more and more details about the history of ancient Egypt. During the tour of the Archaeological Museum, you can familiarize yourself with the artifacts found and assess the achievements of modern researchers.

cairo at nile river

The keeper of the pyramids is the Great Sphinx, whose austere and majestic appearance delights travelers. Among the religious buildings is the Mohammed Ali Mosque, which was built in the middle of the last century. It is one of the greatest sanctuaries in the country, it is decorated with a large dome, and inside the halls are clad with rare marble that keeps them cool even on the hottest days.

Citadel is not far from the mosque – it’s one of the oldest structures in the world. Some palaces and mosques have been built on the territory of the castle, some old barracks and warehouses have been preserved. This large architectural complex is where there are some museums devoted to history, military equipment, and even imperial carriages. The mosques are home to many beautiful paintings and interior items.

For those who like to walk in picturesque places, it is interesting to visit the El Tahrir Garden. Its main attraction is the variety of sculptures; All of them are made by local artisans and are a true mirror of the national culture. In combination with beautiful landscapes, the sculptures look simply unrepeatable.

In Cairo, there is the world-famous Blue Mosque or Aqsunqur Mosque. It is open to followers of all religions. The mosque is very large and has a luxurious decoration. Beautiful green and blue faience were used while its prayer hall was being finished. 

Experienced travelers are asked to visit the mosque early in the morning. At this time, the number of tourists is not that large, and you can enjoy the surrounding architectural beauty in a deserted setting.

In the heart of the city is the largest architectural monument of our time – the Cairo Tower. This is an incredibly beautiful skyscraper that resembles a lotus stem with its outlines. 

Its height is 187 meters. There are office centers and shopping pavilions in this skyscraper, and there is a revolving restaurant on one of the top floors. One of the best viewpoints in town is also located here, ideal for admiring the panorama of the Nile.

Tourists with children in Cairo should visit an amazing open-air museum called Pharaonic Village. Here visitors can immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the past, swim along the canals of the Nile in a floating amphitheater, and take part in interesting entertainment programs. 

Here you can find out how the people lived in the time of the pharaohs, what crafts they were engaged in, and how they worked the land. Some visitors to the museum can learn some handicrafts.

Museum of Islamic Art contains, within its walls, there is a collection of unique exhibits from different eras. It houses many precious metal products, some of which were formerly owned by royal owners. Of particular value to the museum are the ancient Korans, which used precious metals and stones. It is located in a spectacular historical building and has a very nice interior.

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